How do I uninstall anxiety


let’s play a game called “are you staring at me because im hot or ugly”


i havent made any really bad decisions lately im getting bored


7u7 :

My favorite genre is “starts out normal but then turns into really disturbing psychological horror”

me:it makes me sick how we live in a society that panders almost exclusively to men.
boyfriend:hehehe ur so cute when ur mad


That time of year again guys!!

pros of dating me

  • you can hold my hand whenever you want
  • you can cuddle with me whenever you want
  • you can kiss me whenever you want

cons of dating me

  • i get jealous easily
  • i’m sad a lot
  • i will never feel good enough for you no matter how many times you tell me i am

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I’m running out of words
to write about you.
But god knows
I will never run out of feelings
to feel for you.
You will forever circulate
through each of my veins,
and I will never be able
to get you out;
no matter how hard I try.
Even with a scalpel,
or some scissors.
Not even a chainsaw could
destroy the fibers of you
that are fastened
in my bloodstream.
All I can do
is try to snuff out
the fire of my love for you.
But how do I extinguish
all the flames inside me
when I’m already living in hell, burning alive.

And to me, the only place where the most vivid colours come from is…

And to me, the only place where the most vivid colours come from is…

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i dont trust people who are organised enough to balance a fuck ton of school stuff on top of a normal life because you know who else could do that??? fucking light yagami

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There is a very very large difference between Tumblr internet humor and actual humor

And it becomes obvious every time you try to tell a joke in real life.

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my personality is 30% the last movie I watched

you were so lonely, you became friends with the devil